Tutorial Edit

The conductor William Lawrence Smith (DE: Lukas O. Kern, NL: Willem L. Smid, PT: Pedro R. Assis) will present you with a tutorial to get you started in Rail Nation. This is useful if you have never played before.

During the tutorial your actions are quite limited, and if you start this series, you can pretty much only do what the next quest says. But you'll get through them quickly, so it's not much of a problem.

You can also choose to skip the tutorial. Then you'll get an engine, some waggons, $45,000, 10 gold and 20 prestige (note: that's $5,000 more than you get from actually doing the quests).

  1. Buy an engine: $10,000 + 5 pres.
  2. Buy waggons: $2,500
  3. Make a schedule: $2,500 + 5 pres.
  4. Upgrade train station (engine house): an engine + waggons
  5. Another schedule: 5 pres.
  6. Research (research an upgrade): $5,000
  7. Install upgrade: 5 pres.
  8. Collect bonus: $5,000
  9. Upgrade track production: $10,000
  10. New route: $5,000 + 10 gold


  1. Rankings - find yourself: $5,000
  2. Upgrade engine house: $15,000 + 5 pres.
  3. Another engine - own 3: $15,000
  4. Help! - open the window: $10,000
  5. Bigger bonus! - upgrade restaurant: $15,000
  6. Account limit - upgrade bank (note: this one can be costly if you didn't start in era 1): $25,000
  7. Lottery - draw a ticket: 30 gold
  8. Another ticket - buy a ticket for 25 gold: 3 pres.
  9. Your appearance - select a clothing item from your cupboard and wear it: 15 gold
  10. Further items - buy a clothing item (note: the cheapest is 5 gold, unless you have a voucher): 5 pres.
  11. A little company - join or found an association: 5 pres.
  12. Good neighbourhood - collect a bonus from an associate: 20 pres.
  13. Friends (note: you only need to send a request, it doesn't have to be accepted): 5 pres.
  14. A new name - rename an engine: 5 pres.
  15. Service an engine: 10 gold
  16. Impatient? - use Instant dispatch (note: you don't need to pay, closing the confirmation dialog is ok): 5 pres.
  17. Competitions - enter a competition (note: you don't need to complete it): 5 pres.
  18. Investments - invest in an industry: 15 pres.
  19. A new engine - research another engine (note: if you entered late, you'll get this automatically from the free research; there seems to be a bug with this quest, it doesn't always trigger when it should): $10,000
  20. Buy engine - one that you have researched, i.e. not another swallow: 5 pres.
  21. Competitions, part 2 - complete 5: 30 pres.
  22. Hourly profit - earn $10,000 in an hour with one train: $20,000
  23. Licences - purchase one (note: you only need to bid for one, you don't need to win the auction): 20 pres.
  24. Connect city: 50 pres.

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